Illinois Is Already Stuck on Stupid and Doesn’t Need Dopey

Written by Pat Hickey

Polls–you know ‘scientifically conducted’ data collection, organization and dissemination that agrees most heartily with the conclusions crafted prior to research collected, organized and disseminated–have given Illinois its lofty position on what has been designated the “Right Side of History.”

The same such research sent people to the ovens in the last century and slaughtered millions of unborn American humans since 1973.

Illinois, the biggest laughing stock real estate on the continent, is usually on the “Right Side of History,” but people and businesses move away or avoid Illinois altogether. Surveys and polls tell us that.

But Illinois serves masters far beyond its borders, in Washington D. C., Manhattan and the Left Coast.

Science! You know, social science. This same science tells us without doubt or objection that Gender is Defined by the Individual and It is Time for Complete Transgender Hegemony.

Americans love polls. Polls help people avoid the tedium of staying consistent and on top of the issue.

Polling is the Illinois gateway to folly.

Sixty-two percent of Americans believe that there is a serious problem of substance abuse in this country, yet sixty-one percent favor legalization of marijuana. (Read more HERE.)

In the Illinois race for Governor, only Jeanne Ives stands against legalization of marijuana. In a December 2017 test of the weed waters, by the Chicago Sun Times, Tina Sfondeles never bothered to include Jeanne Ives in her report. Ives had already bested Bruce Rauner in a one-on-one Chicago Tribune face-up and pot-friendly Sun Times Media wanted no genuine opinion.

The always reliable Governor Rauner talked out of both sides of this mouth.

Governor Rauner, true to his ‘not in charge’ mantle says, “We should see how that’s impacted lives and addiction and hurt young people before we make any decision about it here.”

The Democrats Dan Biss and JB Pritzker want Illinois more than one toke over the line, and Chris Kennedy, and Bruce Rauner want others to tell us if it is safe and fun.

Like the lottery and casino gambling, recreational pot will also free Illinois from want, debt and care.  Dope will make our kids smarter and turn selfish people into Jimmy Kimmel.

Polls by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute have already concluded this satisfying outcome. It cannot wait (say people on The Right Side of History)!

As a high school teacher since 1975, I’ve been impressed by marijuana as a very controlling substance, from Illinois ditch weed to  super hybrid High Power. Kids got addicted to pot. Kids went into rehab just smoking loud. Kids passed through the narcotics gateway via marijuana, and we are burying many of them at an alarming rate.

Illinois will have legal recreational marijuana unless we put the brakes on. Jeanne Ives is the only person pumping the brakes on folly.

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