IFA’s Governor’s Race Comparisons Piece

Written by John Biver

The 2018 Republican primary for Illinois governor is unique when you consider the ideological differences between the candidates and the dramatic difference in the size of their bank accounts.

Bruce Rauner is a social policy Leftist, Jeannie Ives is a pro-family conservative. Bruce Rauner has tens of millions of his own money to spend on his campaign. Jeannie Ives must raise every dollar she can to compete.

During the founding era of our country, the flow of information was obviously all word of mouth — neighbors talking to neighbors, friends to friends. If Jeanne Ives is to win on March 20th, your voice will be needed to spread the word about her candidacy.

Rauner’s millions are being spent to lie about Jeannie Ives. Your efforts can help get the truth out about how Ives is just the kind of candidate the Republican Party has needed for decades.

Rauner has failed to enact all 44 of his turn-around agenda items, never introduced a balanced budget as he is constitutionally required to do, and didn’t fight the income tax increase. As of now, not enough conservatives understand the extent of his failure of leadership.

Instead of showing real leadership, Bruce Rauner decided to pick a personal fight with House Speaker Mike Madigan. His failure has left the state worse off on all fronts than when he took office.

Jeanne Ives, a West Point graduate, understands how to lead, and has worked with members of the other party on important legislation. She also understands the current political reality in Illinois: You must win support both among voters and among elected officials if you expect to bring desperately needed reforms to the state.

Illinois Family Action has produced a very helpful one-page summary of the differences between the Republican candidates on a handful of important issues:

Download the comparison PDF HERE.

Whether you have worked in politics before or not, consider yourself drafted into the campaign. Your time and energy are needed to help spread the word about why Jeannie Ives deserves our vote on March 20th.

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