SPOTLIGHT: We Need Some Changes in Springfield

Written by John Biver

There is a big election on the horizon. What occurs in the 2018 primary could have huge implications on the future of Illinois. Ralph Rivera is back with Monte and Dave to discuss the March primary, and the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois.

Ralph is a lobbyist in Springfield with Illinois Right to Life Action and Illinois Family Institute.

The importance of the March primary is summed up during the discussion by two facts. First, if there were just 3 more pro-life legislators in the Illinois House, a lot of destructive legislation would not be able to pass. Second, there are 12 Republican and 1 Democratic pro-life candidates that are retiring. So, the March 20th primary will decide if those seats are to remain pro-life.

At the top of the ticket, of course, is the primary race for Governor. On the Republican side, Bruce Rauner has signed several bills which advanced the extreme social agenda of the political left. Rauner is being challenged by pro-life and pro-family champion Jeanne Ives. IFA proudly endorses Ives.

If order for Jeanne Ives and the other pro-life/pro-family candidates to win, they are going to need grassroots action and financial help. Ralph, Dave, and Monte all stressed the need for campaign volunteers and contributions.

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