SPOTLIGHT: Pro-Life Politics with Pastor LeFlore

Written by John Biver

In this week’s Spotlight podcast, Dave Smith sits down to talk to Rev. Ceasar LeFlore, the Founder and Executive Director of the Beloved Community Development Coalition and the Midwest Regional Director of the Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN). Pastor LeFlore is working towards a national pro-life prayer network, he is seeking to unite a million prayer intercessors to daily pray for the end of abortion.

Prayer, Pastor LeFlore said, “is required because an awakening is necessary for the darkness to be overcome. Hearts need to be in the right place, he said, or people will not embrace the truth.”

Abortion is the “sacrificing of children at the alter of convenience for the adults,” LeFlore pointed out. “Abortion to me is child sacrifice because what we’re doing is giving up the life of that child in order for the parent to not be inconvenienced or delayed in any ambition or pursuits they have for their own life.”

In addition, they discuss the signing of HB 40 by Governor Bruce Rauner, which makes abortion more available for poor women in the black community. “Politics too often comes before principle,” Pastor LeFlore lamented, “and too many blacks still vote for the party whose platform continues the policies of the racist Margaret Sanger, as well as Planned Parenthood’s agenda of genocide.”

Dave and Ceasar also talk about the candidacy of Jeanne Ives and her challenge to Rauner in the March 20, 2018 Republican Primary.

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