ANTIFA ALERT! Keep Your Eyes Open November 4, 2017

Written by Steve Huston

Love him or hate him; appreciate his stands or stand against him; for better or for worse; President Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America—OUR president. Denial doesn’t change fact nor does it remove the responsibility of Christians to pray for him and all citizens to respect the office which he holds.

Admittedly, there are times it is hard to know what side of an issue the president will finally land on; but this administration has claimed some victorious moments and—by God’s grace—given this country a reprieve from its quickened downward spiral which had taken place during the last administration. A few of these victories would include advancing pro-life measures, pushing for stringent immigration reform, lessening our ties with the United Nations and strengthening our ties with Israel, not just giving the Iran deal a pass, moving toward tax cuts, and dealing with Obamacare.

There are many Republicans and Democrats alike who are constantly undermining him instead of working with him for the good of our country. These people are doing whatever they can to widen the gap of division within our nation when they ought to be working their hardest to unite us and to restore the rule of law. At the very least, Republicans should find a way to work with the president which ran for their party—on their platform—acknowledging a great number of things which the Trump administration has accomplished in the midst of Obama hold-overs, judges unconstitutionally hindering him, and the “news” and media constantly spinning the narrative negatively.

Add to these things the constant barrage of Russian collusion accusations (even though there’s strong evidence of collusion between his opponents and the Russians that is largely ignored), the incitements to do bodily harm to President Trump by various entertainers, and a large segment of the population regularly claiming that Trump is not their president.

These only serve to add fuel to Antifa and the increasingly violent anti-Trumpers. (There is a video on the previous link which although very informative also has some profanity in the background, this article itself however, is informative even without the video)

Who and what are behind these violent demonstrations? Financier George Soros, the Muslim Brotherhood (front groups), and the Revolutionary Communist Party are all tied together and working together to undermine this President, dismantle our nation, and destroy its Constitution. To this end they’ve scheduled a “Refuse Fascism” event for November 4th in several cities across our nation. They say that these protests will continue “until the Trump/Pence regime” is brought to an end.

Many within the Democrat Party work with these organizations and are complicit with bringing about chaos and division instead of unity, as they encourage lawlessness. Although we would hope that these won’t be violent protests, ANTIFA’s past antics point to violence, mayhem, chaos, and lawlessness. (For an in-depth look at who Antifa is, their history, what they believe, and how they are connected, read this article or get a copy of the October 9, 2017 issue of The New American.)

Perhaps what best describes ANTIFA is a photo on page 17 of The New American (Oct. 9, 2017). This is a photo of “Antifa anarchists” gathering to protest the inauguration of President Trump; they’re holding a sign which reads “WE ARE UNGOVERNABLE.” These lawless groups of violent “anti-fascists” have actually become what they claim to hate; and yes, they do believe they are ungovernably above the law.

This myth of ungovernableness is only perpetuated by the police who continue to allow it. The laxity of the law only increases their lawlessness and emboldens their hate-filled actions. They must be governed, even if it means incarcerating them—taking them out of society—giving them the natural consequences of their actions. Without justice, we will continue on this path of chaotic destruction and the rule of law will only become a pleasant dream of the past.

According to Trevor Loudon, on November 4th “Refuse Fascism” is going to start an insurrection against the Trump administration, modeling it after the Arab Spring movement. They’ll start a series of rolling demonstrations, starting rallies, protests, and riots, and building with intensity. Mr. Loudon believes that they’ll attempt to take over power plants and block highways as well.

For a short video (6 minutes) on the history of Antifa’s or what to do if you should cross Antifa’s path click here.

Or a shorter video (4 minutes) only containing their advice for November 4th click here.

Communists/socialists and Islamists, generally associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, form the “Red-Green Axis.” (Red=Communism/Socialism; Green=Islamists) Although, many of their principles are at odds with one another, they work with the understanding that the enemy of my enemy is my friend… for NOW! This alliance of convenience is aimed at the taking down of America. They are doing this through pushing division rather than unity, destroying and rewriting history, bullying people into giving up their First Amendment rights, and outright violence to name a few of their tactics.

This lawlessness demands to be met with justice or our nation will surely fall.

There were those from the past who gave warning, a warning that the Right should heed and that the Left seems to have taken as a “how-to” manual. Paraphrasing the Bible, President Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

George Orwell in his book 1984 stated:

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” And “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

It would appear that as Orwell looked through his “time telescope” he mistook 2017 for 1984.

All that the Left and Antifa have been doing falls into line with the communistic tactics of deconstruction which historian Bill Federer warns of:

  • say negative things about a country’s founders so people emotionally detach from them
  • then the people are moved into a neutral position where they don’t remember where they came from
  • then they can be easily brainwashed into the communist future planned for them

This un-American alliance which has violently been taking place and is expected to snowball after November 4th is much more than a demonstration against Donald Trump and his administration. It’s a cry for normalized lawlessness; it’s a rebellion against the rule of law; and it’s another gathering of this nation’s enemies to strike at the heart of America and the Constitution which has ruled her so well over the past 228 years.

America is falling headlong into sin’s reproachful chaos. She is in desperate need of righteousness once more. From the highest position in the land to the lowest of her citizens, America needs:

1) The rule of law restored

2) Justice and judgment in response to lawlessness

3) Watch; be aware of your surroundings and

4) Prayer for the unification and Gospel Awakening of our nation and for the revival of the church. ONLY THEN will America be great again. Only then will God bless America again and only then will America be able to bless God again.

Our best advice is that of Jesus to His disciples, “Take heed; watch and pray!”

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