SPOTLIGHT: Rep. Breen and Pro-Life Backlash to HB 40

Written by John Biver

“Governor Rauner is done…he will not be governor in January 2019,” State Rep. Peter Breen (R-Lombard) told Monte Larrick in this week’s bonus Illinois Family Spotlight podcast.

With Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signing of HB 40’s taxpayer funding of abortion, Breen said that Rauner can no longer make an effective case for his leadership. Breen explains that HB 40 is one of the worst bills ever to be signed into law in Illinois, and it happened even though Rauner looked Breen in the eye, shook his hand, and pledged to veto it.

There have been no gains in Illinois under Rauner, Breen said, due to Rauner’s inability to negotiate. In addition to two more unbalanced budgets, there are $16 billion in unpaid bills that will take years to pay off as the state sells bonds to cover those debts. Now, with tens of thousands of abortions being paid for by Illinois taxpayers, there are talks of even more tax increases.

What’s next for the Republican Party in Illinois? State Rep. Peter Breen explains in this Illinois Family Spotlight.  Give it a listen:

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