Rauner Signs Democrat Bill Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Abortion

Written by Laurie Higgins

Governor Bruce Rauner has stabbed conservatives in the back—again. But much worse, he has ensured that thousands more babies will be killed in the womb every year in Illinois, and taxpayers will pay for their deaths.

Despite his commitment to veto HB 40, which requires taxpayers to fund the intentional killing of humans in utero—including healthy humans of any gestational age—through Medicaid and state employee insurance plans, Rauner is signing it into law.

This is the same man who during the gubernatorial campaign told IFA that he believes life begins at conception. Claiming that life begins at conception and then defending a moral right of others to have innocent human lives killed constitutes a morally incoherent and repugnant position. Compelling taxpayers to subsidize morally repugnant acts is evil.

And this is the same man who during the gubernatorial campaign claimed he had “no social issues” agenda, which conservatives assumed meant he would leave bad enough alone when it came to pro-feticide legislation. Instead, he is serving the morally vacuous desires of Leftists in Illinois, and for that Rauner deserves no support from Republicans should he run again.

In 2013, Rauner said, ““I… am an advocate for finding common ground to make abortion rare.” If humans in the womb are not persons in possession of intrinsic worth, and there are no moral reasons to protect them from being killed, why should abortion be rare? No one makes such a claim about liposuction, breast reductions, or bunionectomies.

Every Republic lawmaker in Springfield opposes HB 40, as does the entire Illinois GOP congressional delegation. But Rauner—Illinois’ purportedly Republican governor—is siding with Democrats. It is estimated that his decision will result in an additional 12,000 womb-killings every year at a cost to taxpayers of between $1.8 million to $21 million.

Let’s not forget that “No-Social-Issues” Rauner also signed into law a bill that makes it easier for men and women who masquerade as the opposite sex to obtain falsified birth certificates (HB 1785), a bill that compels pro-life doctors and pregnancy centers to refer women to pro-feticide doctors (SB 1564), and a bill that prohibits professional therapists from helping minors with unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction (HB 217).

Let’s hope and pray that a solid conservative challenger emerges to take on the mendacious Rauner.  Conservatives should wield whatever power they have to send a message to the GOP that they will do their best to ensure the defeat of Republicans who oppose conservative positions on the dismissively called “social” issues.

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