Illinois Democrats Collude for JB Pritzker

Written by David E. Smith

The deceitful media has talked a lot about electoral “collusion” on the national level, but there is a clear case of collusion here in Illinois and we haven’t heard a peep about it.

During the Spring session of the Illinois General Assembly, Democratic lawmakers passed  House Bill 40, on a party line vote (62-55 in the House on April 25th and 33 to 22 in the Senate on May 22nd). This legislation will force taxpayers to fund abortions for women on Medicaid and state workers on the state’s health insurance plan.

Based on the increased number of new Medicaid recipients in the last 5 years, Illinois taxpayers could be complicit in the deaths of 15,000 more babies per year. State Rep. Peter Breen (R-Lombard) is on record saying that it may cost us up to $60 million per year! (The cost for a Medicaid abortion is $800 to $1,000 per crime.)

State Sen. Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) filed a procedural motion to “reconsider his vote,” the same day it was passed in the Illinois Senate, which stopped it from being sent to Governor Bruce Rauner for final action.  That motion was rescinded yesterday.  This abhorrent legislation is now on the governor’s desk, and he has 60 days to sign, veto (or line item veto) or ignore it and allow it to automatically become law. Therefore it is urgent that we speak out now about this! 

Ironically, Senator Harmon publicly admitted that the reason he was holding up this legislation isn’t so that he can reconsider his vote. No, he was doing it for another reason – a political reason. This is what he’s publicly said:

…in consultation with Senator Steans and the advocates, I filed a motion to reconsider the Senate’s vote to pass House Bill 40, which means we will temporarily hold the bill in the Senate. This motion merely allows the Senate to protect the bill from Gov. Rauner’s threatened veto until he comes to his senses.

In the days and months since HB 40 has been held up, Illinois pro-abortion Democrats have used the pending legislation to advance their narrative of the “War on Women” and to demand their “choice” to kill pre-born babies in the womb. This has enabled Democratic candidates like multi-billionaire J.B. Pritzker to run ad after ad in which he publicly brags about his willingness to force taxpayers to fund the destruction (a.k.a murder) of pre-born humans.

Leftists, who hold abortion as a kind of religious sacrament, are not going to be persuaded by the scientific facts of the humanity of the pre-born. They are ideologues through and through. They will stomp, shout and even celebrate their “legal” and “civil” right to murder children in the womb while calling it “reproductive health care for women,” and then point to how the U.S. Supreme Court has supposedly legalized it all. (Read more HERE.)

Yet HB 40 takes this heinous agenda to a new level by mandating that pro-life citizens pay for these abortion through our tax dollars.

Over the next several weeks we can expect to see Democratic candidates (like Pritzker) using HB 40 as a campaign issue to advance their Leftist agenda. In fact, Illinois Review is reporting that abortion activists and their allies are planning a “Pink Hat Run Chicago’s 2017” event for the first Saturday of November in Chicago. You can bet that pro-abortion candidates will be making their presence known at this event.

Since the vast majority of Illinois voters have been historically against taxpayer funds for abortion, it would be wise for pro-lifer advocates and voters to turn these brazen tactics back against them. We simply cannot let pro-abortion Democrats succeed in their plan to use HB 40 as a campaign battering ram. We must speak out and we must be proactive and work to convince Gov. Rauner to veto HB 40. We also must encourage pro-life Republican officials and candidates to stand up for life. Far too many remain silent, hoping to fly under the radar of controversy.

Take ACTION: Click Here to email Governor Bruce Rauner. Urge him to keep his pledge to veto HB 40. 

More ACTION: Please also continue to call the governor’s public comment line every day until this is resolved: (217) 782-0244 and (312) 814-2121. 

You can also send the governor a message via Twitter: @GovRauner

Please PRAY! As you take action and in the days ahead, please pray that God would convict the thinking of Governor Rauner on this issue, and that his heart would change on the issue of abortion in general. (Proverbs 21:1)

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