SPOTLIGHT: Tax, Spend, Repeat

Written by David E. Smith

As most readers know, the Illinois General Assembly voted to approve a massive income tax increase on citizens and corporations in Illinois over the Independence Day holiday weekend. Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed this tax grab as soon as it arrived on his desk. But within two days of his veto, Democrats in the Illinois Senate and House overrode his veto with the help of eleven weak-kneed Republicans.  Ironically, many of these state lawmakers openly acknowledge how fiscally irresponsible the state has been in the stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Yet, even with this knowledge, they voted to enable reckless spending by taxing needed resources away from the public and giving it to the “needs and wants” of big government.

In this week’s podcast, John Biver joins Monte and Dave to talk about this recent tax increase coming from Springfield.

Due to technical difficulties, the second half of the show was re-recorded without Monte. However, Dave and John discuss statements made on the IPM (Illinois Public Media) radio program known as the 21st by state representative Reggie Phillips (R-Charleston) and former governor Jim Edgar (R-Illinois).

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