Mask off: Mainstream Dem Groups Unite With Radical Left

Written by Jordan Schachtel

Wondering why so much of the Left in America continues to be silent — if not rationalizing — in the face of extremist left-wing groups like “Antifa”?

It might be because much of the mainstream Left has chosen to link up with radical, fringe organizations that agree with much of Antifa’s communist/socialist/anarchist ideology.

In a blog post this week, the Indivisible guide — a leftist organization that forms coalitions of groups to advocate for leftist causes — has detailed how in the wake of the Charlottesville mayhem this past weekend, traditional left-of-center groups have thrown their weight behind the revolutionary Left.

Indivisible revealed that a conglomerate has formed to “stand in solidarity with Charlottesville.”

While the coalition involves recognizable groups like the Obama-founded Organizing for Action (OFA), the Center for American Progress,, the National Education Association (NEA), and other standard actors, it also includes openly extremist groups that seek to undermine the nation.

The extremist outfits in the coalition include:


A radical scorched-earth “environmental” group, several current and former Greenpeace activists have engaged in eco-terrorism.

Democratic Socialists of America

The openly socialist organization was founded by an admirer of Karl Marx. The group seeks to institute an authoritarian government that holds complete control over the individual.

If Not Now & Jewish Voice for Peace

The two anti-Israel groups have endorsed the extremist BDS movement that calls for the boycott of Israel.

Arc Jewish Action

The Soros-funded organization has labeled White House officials Stephen Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller as Nazis.


Anti-American, anti-war group that pushes Marxist and neo-Marxist ideals.

Working Families Party

Quasi-Marxist” political organization that seeks leftist solutions on taxes, health care, and other domestic issues.

CPD Action

The activist arm of the Center for Popular Democracy, a group that has scoopedup older chapters of the now-defunct ACORN, which the federal government stripped of federal funds after an expose by the late Andrew Breitbart.

Bottom Line

It should come as no surprise, given the aforementioned coalition members, that the Left in America remains almost unanimously silent on the violent extremist Antifa group. The militant gang has viciously beaten supporters of the president and attacked police officers, and Antifa’s mob violence has resulted in the destruction of private property nationwide.

While the vast majority of the Right in the United States routinely condemns white nationalist elements who claim a place on its side of the ideological spectrum, the same cannot be said about the extremists who continue to align with America’s Left.

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