Written by William G. Parrot

Our Founding Fathers thoughtfully and succinctly defined human nature, thus crafting a Constitution confronting man’s decided vulnerability to the elixir of power and its addictive influence.  Across decades of the American landscape their genius sustained this nation’s promise rewarding hard work and diligence in a free society.  Limitless opportunity unfettered by overbearing government emboldened our citizens.  Selfless patriots and honest risk-takers became the lifeblood of this great land despite the freeloaders and parasites content with an entitlement mindset.

Perhaps after forty years of academic malpractice driven by progressive contempt for the American experiment, a renaissance of genuine civics instruction will return to our truth-starved classrooms, smothered today by destructive social engineering and revisionist history.  Generations past whose toil and sacrifice built this great land deserve that the truth be told.

With the fruited plain increasingly dominated by horrific press bias bent upon trivia not news and the mindless blather of 24/7 social media sucking the oxygen from the room, America you’re still the “last best hope of earth”.

Mr. Parrot is a Christian husband, father and patriot who lives in McHenry county.