Freedom’s Hope is Found on the Shoulders of Our Lord

Written by James Robison

Our nation was born out of a deep desire for true freedom that was inspired by those determined to have freedom of religion. This nation was born because believers prayed. This nation became prosperous and powerful because believers served.

And this nation only moves forward if the faithful stay engaged.

America’s future hope and the preservation of freedom depend upon the transforming power of gospel truth demonstrated and delivered by Spirit-filled believers.

Our Lord’s Body Here on Earth

The New Testament church — His church — is made up of blood-bought, born-again, baptized-into-Christ people who have a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord and know Creator God as Father. This is our Lord’s body, the church, left here on earth with a divine assignment. He gave us the Great Commission to make disciples of Christ — not to make church folks or mere church members or religious clones void of Jesus’ life, love and Spirit.

Those who have been born again know the Lord personally as their Shepherd, who by His presence can miraculously calm raging storms within our lives and lead us beside waters made still as we abide in His presence. He leads us to green pastures where even barren land can be turned into fertile fields of opportunity. He will comfort us in the valley of every shadow, including death.

Meaning, He will do through us what no earthly power or new substitute for Pharaoh, a dictator, monarchy, president or Congress could ever adequately accomplish.

Jesus, our Lord, will provide for us even in the presence of all enemies, skeptics, doubters and accusers. We fear no evil, as horrible as it may be, for the Lord is with us, guiding us to security as we stand against the fierce flood and intentions of evil. Wisdom will direct our steps, and the hedge of His Word will protect us. The gates of hell shall not prevail!

The Lamb’s Agenda is Our Agenda

As my friend Rev. Samuel Rodriguez says, our nation’s hope does not ride on the agenda of a donkey or elephant, but rather the Lamb. Consider his exhortation in what he calls “The Lamb’s Agenda.”

According to Rev. Rodriguez, the Lamb’s agenda activates a kingdom culture firewall of righteousness and justice. In other words,

In order to defend life and protect liberty and facilitate the platform by which all Americans can pursue happiness, we must apply biblical optics and apply corrective lenses to spiritual and cultural myopia. In other words, if I am following the Lamb’s agenda, when I wake up in the morning, I don’t see a Hispanic, black, white or Asian. I don’t see a denomination or a theological distinction. I am first and foremost a child of the living God! I am a born-again Christian! I am a child of God! I am a follower of Jesus. I am a Christian — first and foremost! I am a believer, and my vertical identity empowers my horizontal reality. And when we vote, we must vote our vertical reality.

In a clarion call to believers around the world, Rev. Rodriguez addresses those “giants” of perversion, mockery, oppression, destruction and every other evil in society:

So to every narrative and spirit that facilitates the platform of moral relativism, of spiritual apathy, of cultural decadence and ecclesiastical lukewarmness, we say the following:

  • For every Pharaoh there must be a Moses.
  • For every Goliath there must be a David.
  • For every Nebuchadnezzar there must be a Daniel.
  • For every Jezebel there must be an Elijah.
  • For every Herod there must be a Jesus.
  • And for every devil that rises up against you there is a mightier God who will rise up for you!

As His people called by His name come together in brokenness and humility, turning from our indifference and wicked ways, our Lord Almighty Creator will hear from heaven. He will forgive us, cleanse us, heal the people and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14). And who can doubt that we need healing. That is God’s promise, and it is greater than any promise a politician, candidate or government may claim to provide.

Planting the Flag Back on Our Father’s Shoulders

It is time for the American government to once again be on His shoulders as we — His ambassadors, the church — assume the responsibility God has given us to lead and make a salt and light impact on this earth. Salt protects and preserves the precious. Light exposes the error of our ways and reveals the necessary corrections that must be made.

Dry bones responded to His Word by coming together in supernatural unity and the Spirit filled those bones, raising them up to become a mighty army (Ezekiel 37:1–14). So shall the church in this day become the mighty army of God and faithful witnesses He has commissioned us to be, and our nation can be miraculously restored.

This is our hope as we, in obedience to God’s Word, “pray fervently for those in authority.”

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