Build the Wall

Written by David E. Smith

If you are not familiar with Prager University, please check them out. Prager University produces excellent short videos that explain conservative ideals on cultural and political issues. Their tag line sums it up well: “Short Videos. Big Ideas.” They are great countermeasures to the irresponsible narratives that Leftists in media, academia and Hollywood would have you believe.

Also known simply as “PragerU,” their mission:

is to explain and spread what we call “Americanism” through the power of the Internet.

The latest PragerU video is just another great example of how they are able to explain complex divisive issues in a matter of minutes so that even young children can understand it. I know, as my children — including my eight year-old son — often asks me to play a “PragerU” video during evening family time. I highly recommend that you make this part of your routine for your family.

Here is the official introduction and the video:

Democrats dismiss the idea as wasteful, crude, and even racist. But in the real world, it’s the necessary first step to solving America’s illegal immigration problem. In this new video, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer explains why building a wall, while not the entire solution, must be done before we can talk about anything else.

Click here to watch the video, or watch below:

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