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Equipping Christian Conservatives to Vote Wisely

During the last presidential election, between 20-30 million Christian voters did not vote!  Many voters don’t feel they have access to factual information on the candidates. Many consider the information they do obtain to be marred by the candidate, big money, or the media. Illinois Family Action believes is the solution to that problem!

Is your candidate truly a reflection of your convictions and vision for the state and nation? may be the best asset and tool to guide you through the upcoming General Election.

The General Election is Tuesday, November 8th.  Hotly contested races include Presidential, U.S. Senate, U.S. House and Illinois House and Senate.

Compare candidates’ answers on over 20 survey questions like religious liberty, life, immigration, defense, and even the candidate’s spiritual beliefs.  Also, look at who has endorsed them, who has given them campaign donations and look at how they are ranked by conservative and liberal advocacy groups.

How does this online voter guide work? CLICK HERE for simple instructions, then go straight to to review information on your candidates.

And it is important to note that is believed to be appropriate for use and distribution within churches. Read a legal opinion HERE and then download a bulletin insert for your church HERE.

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