Looking for Good Volunteers!


Less than Eight Weeks to Go Before Election Day and
Illinois Family Action Needs Your Help!

Written by David E. Smith

The important issues at stake are in the headlines every day. The threats against religious liberty and rights of conscience are increasing; putting even common sense at risk.

Many high schools are now debating whether to allow biological boys to use the girl’s washrooms, locker rooms and showers. 

It’s not just the presidential election that is of critical importance, but every office “down ballot” as well. Many important Illinois congressional and state legislative offices are up for grabs.   

Here’s the problem though: Too many pro-life and pro-family Illinoisans have decided NOT to vote! Estimates run as low as 36 percent participation! We cannot expect to see the right values prevail when those who support them don’t vote. 

You can help us increase that vote by working with us for the next several weeks to encourage early voting and vote-by-mail among the members of your church. 

Illinois Family Action is looking for volunteers willing to obtain permission from your pastor to help get as many people as possible to fill out an application for a vote-by-mail ballot. 

This is an easy process that can help make the difference in the Illinois General Assembly on so many important issues. 

Take ACTION:  If you are willing to help or would like more information, please email John Biver at B.John@ifiaction.org or call him at (847) 533-4453.  John has the responsibility of heading up this Illinois Family Action project to increase pro-family voter turnout in the upcoming general election. 

This effort cannot succeed without willing Americans like you!

This project is made possible through YOUR support.
Please consider a donation to help us with this important project!