Get Out The Vote! (GOTV)


Dear Pro-Family Friends,

Early voting has been proven to win elections for conservative candidates over the last few election cycles. While many folks have good intentions to vote on election day, for a variety of reasons they never make it. That is why Illinois Family Action is currently engaged in a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort in your area — you may have received a phone call from us about it — or you may still. We need your help to make it a success — especially because of the importance of the down-ballot candidates.

Some pro-family voters might think that because Illinois is not a battleground state in the presidential contest that it doesn’t matter whether they vote or not. That is not true! Many elections for the General Assembly are close races. It is certainly not just a cliché to say that “every vote counts” when a pro-family candidate loses by a matter of a few votes.

President Ronald Reagan called voting a “the most sacred right of free men and women.”

Sacred or not, less-than-sacred stuff often happens on Election Day, preventing even those with the best of intentions to leave their ballot uncast. Work or family matters get in the way, bad weather, the long lines at the polling place common in a presidential election year serve as a big deterrent, and yes — sometimes people just plain forget to vote.

Here’s the good news — Election Day issues can be avoided by voting by mail. Illinois Family Action is asking our friends and partners to do just that.

Vote By Mail

Voting by mail is accomplished by following three or four easy steps:

1) Click HERE to send us your name and address and we will send you a link to a Vote By Mail Application. In many cases this can be done online.

2) If you choose to apply by snail mail, you will need to send your application to YOUR LOCAL ELECTION AUTHORITY, which will in turn mail you the ballot directly.

3) When you receive your ballot in the mail, set aside some time to complete the ballot. In other words: Vote!

4) Mail the ballot to back to YOUR LOCAL ELECTION AUTHORITY (Must be postmarked by November 3rd).

If you can’t decide whether to vote by mail, consider this: Voting by mail also gives parents the opportunity to teach their children about the election process and have them witness the filling out of the ballot, say at the kitchen table. The importance of voting can be instilled and the worldview and policy positions of the candidates can be discussed.  In short, they can see what the process looks like up close.

So you’re now without excuse. If you’re not registered, get registered and then take advantage of vote by mail!

Thank you,

David E. Smith
Illinois Family Action
(708) 781-9371

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