Why Progressives Won and Conservatives Lost


Written by Paul Hair

Progressives now run the U.S. And they achieved this massive victory for a simple reason: they were willing to go to war while conservatives were not.

The College Fix reported on June 8 that the California State University Northridge ran a professor off its campus “for being too conservative.”

Meanwhile, on June 13, the Daily Signal reported on how progressives are attempting to remove a judge in Wyoming because she will not lie about marriage.

And on July 27 the Associated Press published the latest news on progressives trying to remove Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore because of his Christian faith.

These three stories show that progressives passionately believe what they profess. They are fanatically devoted to their self-worshipping religion. And they are willing to do anything to see that they win.

Contrast that to conservatives (and even Christians). Do you see this same type of passion for their beliefs?

Why are progressives chasing out and destroying their enemies but conservatives aren’t doing the same? Why is there no organized effort by conservatives to fire progressives the way they fire conservatives? Why is there no effort by conservatives to remove all the judges that rewrite law and violate the Constitution? Aren’t conservatives constantly complaining about lawless judges? So why is there no effort to remove them even as the progressives have an organized effort to removed judges who follow the law?

It’s a lack of passion. It’s a lack of faith. There is no such thing as the Religious Right any longer. There is only the Religious Left—autotheists.

Mark Stevens made an interesting quote in 2012 regarding conservatives versus progressives. He said, “We’re playing with water guns, they’re playing with Scuds…. These people are terrorists…. There is a war. If we treat it as less than a war we will lose it.”

Nothing has changed since then. And so conservatives have lost the war.

This is why the George Soros-backed Center for Constitutional Rights has sued Scott Lively, claiming that his Christian ministry amounts to crimes against humanity. It’s why the progressives boldly tried to imprison Rick Perry and Tom DeLay with phony charges.

It’s why conservatives couldn’t do a thing as progressives illegally passed Obamacare, and then rewrote it through the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s why they are impotent as progressives hold conventions with illegal alien invaders, work to defeat the U.S. in war, and literally rewrite reality by threatening to fine or imprison people who won’t say a man is a woman.

I’m not a conservative any longer. In fact, I’m embarrassed I remained one for so long. Conservatives have no desire to win. Thus they have become irrelevant.

Regrettably, progressives don’t lack a desire for victory. And they are equally as passionate about their religion and their desire to drive their enemies into extinction.

And this is why progressives have defeated conservatives and conquered the United States of America.

If this upsets you, follow my lead and abandon conservatism. I’m not sure there is any hope for America any longer, but at least I’m not a part of a group of people who have embraced surrendering to evil as their strategy.

This article was originally posted at Barbwire.com