The Cannibalization of the GOP

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Written by Laurie Higgins

At this cultural moment, the GOP is the only party that defends marriage, the intrinsic rights of children (both prenatal and post-natal children), religious liberty, and the physical privacy rights of girls and boys and men and women. But the barbarians have breached the gate and are cannibalizing the GOP while it yet lives. Well-dressed, well-spoken barbarians but barbarians nonetheless.

What accounts for the corruption of the GOP? There are numerous reasons including the childish moral reasoning of lawmakers like U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) who supports homoerotic faux-marriage because his son experiences homoerotic attraction. The fact that Portman’s son experiences homoerotic attraction does not change the nature of marriage or the moral status of homoerotic activity. And it’s foolish to believe that compassion dictates we must affirm everything our loved ones believe, feel, or desire. Would the fact that people we love experience polyamorous or “Genetic Sexual Attraction” change the nature of marriage or the moral status of sex between five people or between siblings?

But foolish, self-referential moral reasoning is not the only cause of the transmogrification of the party. Another cause is the increasing number of Republicans—including those who identify as homosexual—who say the “social issues” are trivial and irrelevant with no substantive effect on the health and welfare of America. Ironically, while libertarian-leaning, (im)moderate, and homosexual Republicans proclaim the triviality and irrelevance of “social issues” to the survival and flourishing of America, Democrats pursue them like men and women possessed. Could it be that Democrats are able to see truths to which Republicans are blind?

One of America’s most infamous barbarians, the obscene homosexual activist, perversion columnist, and anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage (on whose life ABC saw fit to base a sitcom) is infuriated with homosexual Republicans for their lack of effective cannibalism:

Gay Republicans are praised for trying to “change their party from within” and then…

Nothing changes. Their party never changes. All the GOP candidates for president take the same old bigoted positions. It never gets any better.

They’ve been at this transform-from-the-inside sh*t for nearly forty f**king years and what do they have nothing to show it? Nothing. F*** all. Squat.

Log Cabin Republicans spent months wriggling their tongues up Donald Trump’s a** and this is the thanks they get.

Allowing yourselves to be used this way—carrying water for a party that doesn’t think you should be married, have kids, use the toilet, serve in the military, be protected from workplace discrimination, or even EXIST—goes beyond standard-issue self-hatred. It’s far darker and more disturbing.

Seriously? Conservatives desire that men masquerading as women not be able to use toilets? And conservatives think those who experience homoerotic attraction should not “EXIST”?

Well, I guess Savage could find someone who seeks to prohibit sex-rejectors from excreting or someone who wishes those who experience homoerotic attraction didn’t “EXIST.” Since there are people who desire that I not exist and that I and my children would be murdered, I guess there are all kinds of crazies out there. But there is no evidence that those who crafted the Republican Platform desire any of the things that Savage claims they do.

On the other hand, most Democrats actually do believe there is a category of humans who should not “EXIST”: “unwanted” and inconvenient humans. And Democrats include in their platform a non-existent “right” to make those humans not “EXIST.”

In the ever-so-clever Savage’s lexicon—or flexicon—the Republican Platform becomes the Republican “hateform.” To barbarians like Savage, the Orwellian manipulation of language is essential to conning Americans. “Hatred,” “sex,” “equality” and “transgender” are just some of the many terms invented or redefined in order to serve the social and political goals of sexual anarchists. Anthropological, ontological, and moral views with which barbarians disagree are now recast as hatred.

Don’t buy the con.

Marriage has a nature central to which is sexual complementarity, and without which a union is not in reality a marriage. Real marriage is the most essential social institution, and without a healthy marriage culture, society cannot thrive or survive. Children have an intrinsic right to be raised whenever possible by a father and a mother, a right that society does not create and government does not confer but, rather, should protect. Objective, immutable biological sex has profound meaning and is the source of feelings of modesty and the desire for privacy. Americans should defend marriage, children’s rights, and the right to physical privacy based on sex with more vigor and tenacity than they defend lower tax rates or border walls.

Conservatives ought not become complacent because this year all the planks of the Republican Platform were retained or because Dan Savage is disappointed with the efforts of homosexual Republicans. Savage, as usual, is wrong. The GOP is changing.With the barbarians within the gate, the status quo will not easily remain.

How will we know the barbarians? We will know them by their fruits.

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