Written by William G. Parrot

Against a backdrop of quietly extended military deployments in Afghanistan to preserve a lame-duck legacy, we’re yet again reminded that the rule of law does NOT apply to the ruling class, especially not at Department of State.  With journalism hijacked by 24-hour cable news hysteria, fueled by the cheap melodrama of celebrity-anchor idol worship, dedicated news junkies retreat to CSPAN for facts unblemished by “entertainment.”

Two fatally-flawed national candidates literally stumble towards the most powerful elected office in the world, while global jihad assaults the daily routine of Hometown U.S.A.  Simply note flags at half-mast more often than not across the fruited plain.

Absent Twitter, FaceBook, and Snapchat, mindless diversions from sobering reality, Americans would be forced to confront our country’s unfettered sprint towards Third World nation status; ask Greece, France and Argentina just how that’s working out so far.

Thomas Jefferson alluded to an occasional “revolution” to re-kindle the essence of liberty borne of self-governance within a lawful society.  Perhaps a renaissance of critical thinking would serve as a logical first step towards reuniting every American with the Founders’ sacrifice, passion and unquestioned devotion to this “last best hope of earth.”