Federal Bathroom Wars


Written by David E. Smith

Insanity! On the heels of Target’s ridiculous bathroom policy to allow gender-confused men to have full access to women’s bathrooms in their stores, Barack Obama and his administration decided to issue a federal mandate requiring all public schools in the nation to comply with similar radical co-ed restroom policies. These absurd policies ignore the privacy and safety needs of the vast majority to accommodate the absurd wishes of a few.

The fact is, males and females are created different yet are of equal and infinite value and worth. Respecting the innate biological and immutable differences of the sexes requires that we recognize the privacy, modesty and safety distinctions of bathrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms. Contrary to what some may say, preserving and honoring these differences is not “discrimination.”

Moreover, why is the federal government making absurd policies for local school districts? It is appalling to watch the federal government usurp the rights of parents and local citizens who apparently have no voice in this matter. If the federal government is going to micromanage issues like bathroom policy, why do we need local government bodies at all?

Take ACTION:  Everyone should click HERE to contact their federal representatives and demand the federal takeover of bathrooms be stopped.

And call join the Target Boycott while you’re at it!  Click HERE to add your name the growing movement.