Written by William G. Parrot

A 24-hour news cycle rejects objective journalism in favor of cheap entertainment featuring undignified, smash-mouth rhetoric and outrageous melodrama.  Uninformed voters appear on track once again to elect the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

Engaged citizens, desperately in search of unfiltered truth, endure an avalanche of K-Street sound bites and focus-group punch lines.  Many concerned, patriotic Americans prepare to disconnect from the process, utterly disgusted, bewildered and decidedly pessimistic about the path upon which this great nation finds itself driven.

With all that’s at stake, U.S. Supreme Court nominees, a dangerously weakened military after eight years of unconscionable neglect facing a world on fire, pathetic jobs figures amidst prolonged economic stagnation and a deeply polarized population thanks to “fundamental transformation” from this White House, can any committed  American afford to do that?

We collectively slept through San Bernardino, Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Boston and Philadelphia.   Perhaps nothing short of another September 11th-style attack upon our nation will serve to awaken a deliberately indifferent, willfully complacent herd.  For the sake of our most vulnerable posterity, looking to us to preserve America’s legacy of freedom in an increasingly unstable world, we simply cannot permit that to be the case.