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IFA_Voter Guide online_2016_less_text is the most comprehensive voter guide you will find!

The March 15th election is just around the corner — it’s time to get serious! Primary Elections are in many ways the more important election because it is in this election voters decided between the “okay,” “mushy-middle” or the “hold-my-nose” candidates and the “better” or “best” candidates.

And with the countdown to election day on, Illinois Family Action (IFA) wants to remind you that we have an excellent online voter guide that will equip you with the most comprehensive information on the candidates so that you can confidently choose those who best reflect your values. identifies candidates on a 7-point scale from “very liberal” to “very conservative.”

Voters can see for themselves:

  • How candidates have voted in the past
  • Who has endorsed them
  • Who the candidates give money to
  • Where the candidates’ money comes from
  • How the candidates answer questions on critical issues
  • Virtual Vote Rating on candidates that have never held public office

Simply put, voters cannot trust the media, big money or sometimes what candidates claim in election mailers or in debates.  We check their records! is Illinois’ absolute best resource for candidate information!

For even more information, please check out the Illinois Family Institute’s 501(c)3 voter guide resources HERE.

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