Why Liberals Condemn Prayer

SOUTHWEST ASIA -- The convoy members and their Army gun truck escorts take a moment to pray for each other's safety before beginning the day's convoy mission. (U.S. Air Force photo)

SOUTHWEST ASIA — The convoy members and their Army gun truck escorts take a moment to pray for each other’s safety before beginning the day’s convoy mission. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Written by Tom Trinko

In the wake of the California shootings, some liberals are mocking people of other faiths for trusting in prayer.

That’s because those liberals view themselves as “gods”; and they are jealous “gods” who will brook no other gods before them. We can see this in two key ways:

  • Those liberals believe that praying to themselves will change reality just as people of faith believe that their God will intercede in times of need.
  • Those liberals look to themselves as the authors of morality just as people of faith look to their God to know what it means to be good.

While some liberals openly condemn Christian prayer, what are liberal hashtag campaigns but prayers to themselves?  How is believing that saying “Je suis Charlie” will prevent terror attacks different in nature than asking God to help? Declaring that “gun control”, going without guns, will prevent violence is not that different than saying that fasting, going without food, will end evil. Essentially liberals believe that by saying words, on Twitter or elsewhere, or by making other people give up things they like they can magically change reality.

But while the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram are still enslaved and Paris recently suffered another mass shooting — this one according to Kerry not “legitimate” —  in spite of quite draconian gun control laws. Christian prayer has changed the world on multiple occasions.

Christianity was persecuted by the Roman Empire for hundreds of years. But finally Christian’s prayers were answered when the Roman Emperor Constantine was given victory in battle after he had a vision of a Cross in the sky. While liberals may bemoan the fact Christianity became legal, the reality is that Christians got what they were praying for through a miracle and it changed the history of the world.

In the year 452, Saint Pope Leo the Great convinced Attila the Hun to turn back and not conquer the rest of Europe. It would take a shallow person to simply presume that one old man with no military could through purely human persuasion turn around a most successful military machine led by a most fanatical leader. People of faith know that it was not men who turned back Attila but God. The result of that was once again that the Catholic Church, the only Christian church of the time, was saved.

In 1571, there was a very real threat of Islam conquering Western Europe. Based on the persecution and destruction of Christianity in Northern Africa under Muslim rule, had the Muslims conquered Europe, Christianity would have disappeared. However, when Saint Pope Pius IV called for Europeans to pray their rosaries Christians managed to win, against all odds, the Battle of Lepanto, which thwarted Islam’s imperialistic aggression against Christianity.

A more modern example of the efficacy of Christian prayer is the fall of the Soviet Union without a world war. Ever since the founding of the communist empire, Christians had been praying for the fall of the aggressively atheist regime. For example, in 1929 Pope Pius XI had Catholics pray to Saint Michael the Archangel for the return of religious liberty to the Russians.

The peaceful fall of the Soviet Union, a miraculous end that no one saw coming, was the result of Saint Pope John Paul II visiting Poland. Ask the Poles and they will tell you that it was God who protected their quest for freedom and kept them from being crushed under the treads of Soviet tanks, a fate that befell Hungary and Czechoslovakia. But when Poland breathed free the whole edifice of “invincible” Communism collapsed and shortly thereafter the Soviet Union went peacefully into oblivion.

When dealing with the liberals who think they are “gods”, remember that while gun control didn’t save the people in Paris, prayer did save the West time and again from conquest.

On a smaller scale, there are the criminals who find Christ and turn their lives around as well as the uncountable number of miracles resulting from prayer that Christians have encountered in their lives in the last 2000 years.

It takes a truly blind person to simply declare that prayer is useless in light of how Christian faith has changed the world. Even if one rejects the idea of God clearly the worldly impact of faith has a much better track record than what passes as prayer for liberals — after all how many criminals have reformed as a result of liberal ideology? In any case, doesn’t “tolerance” demand respect for people who pray even if one doesn’t agree with their beliefs?

Those liberals also fail when they try and define morality. The reality is that the liberal’s belief in themselves as the author of morality requires people to go against what is in their hearts.

To some liberals, abortion is a sacrament so important that they will gladly deny medical care to a viable little girl who survives an abortion attempt. Obama fought a law that would require medical care for abortion survivors in Illinois and he recently said he’d veto a similar law if it were to be passed by Congress. Those liberals also support allowing abortion for any reason up to the moment of birth including the torturing to death of pain-capable viable unborn girls.

Yet to the vast majority of Americans abortion is at best a tragic solution that in the words of Hillary Clinton should be “safe, legal and rare, and by rare I mean rare.” Further the majority of Americans believe that abortion should only be allowed in very limited circumstances. Clearly the morality defined by those liberals is not one that resonates with civilized people.

Those liberals also declare that any type of sex with anyone for any reason is great.  The groundbreaking book The Media Elite, published in 1986 polled the elite media establishment, mostly liberal, and found that 53% believed that adultery was okay. Today liberals back the active gay lifestyle even though it means early deaths and empty lives for people suffering from same-sex attraction. The latest crusade by the liberals who claim the authority to define morality is to declare that being “transgendered” is okay. That in spite of the fact that “transgendered” people are 49 times more likely to have AIDs and are nearly ten times more likely to try to commit suicide than people who aren’t confused about biological reality. Finally, these liberals are fully supportive of gay “wife” beating as shown by their acceptance of supporters of sexual violence participating in gay pride parades.

No one has ever died from following Christ’s call to confining sex to marriage, but the body toll of the morality pushed by some liberals just keeps on growing.

Just as liberal “prayers” have failed so too have liberal’s attempts to define a morality that people of good will can be comfortable with.

When those liberals mock prayer simply remind them, and your friends, that prayer to God has a much better track record than hashtag campaigns, that gun control doesn’t stop massacres, and that true tolerance is not mocking other people’s belief.

This article was originally posted at AmericanThinker.com