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Precinct Committeeman

Written by Doug Ibendahl

A Republican Precinct Committeeman represents the Republican voters of her or his precinct at the County Party level.

But most importantly, a Republican Precinct Committeeman is the face of the GOP within the precinct. A Republican Precinct Committeeman may be the only party official many voters ever meet in person.

This volunteer position is really what one makes of it. Some do more than others. But the Republican Precinct Committeeman’s job is in essence all about helping to grow the GOP and working to deliver the maximum number of Republican votes from his or her precinct on Election Day.

Precinct Committeemen comprise the core of any grassroots effort and no political campaign can be successful without these front line GOP ambassadors.

The job is really just an extension of what most people already do – talking to the neighbors.

Many people begin their political involvement by becoming a Precinct Committeeman. It’s the perfect place to get started for anyone interested in building a better Republican Party and advancing our GOP’s values. And many Republicans have remained Precinct Committeemen years after being elected to higher public office. For example, it’s not uncommon to find U.S. Congressmen who are also Precinct Committeemen. More than anyone, public officials recognize the importance of the Precinct Committeeman’s role.

In all Illinois counties other than Cook, Republican Precinct Committeemen are elected to a two-year term in all even-year Primary Elections.

Republican Precinct Committeeman is an all-volunteer position.

The last day to collect petition signatures and to file the paperwork with your County Clerk is November 30. Republicans and Democrats then each elect their own Precinct Committeemen at the March 15 Primary Election.

For full details on how to run for Republican Precinct Committeeman, including the required forms, go here. You’ll also find all of the information and forms to run for the related position of Chicago Ward Committeeman in Cook County.

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Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.  This article was originally posted at his blog,