Why Every Christian Should Be Political

Bible in Hand

Written by JG Smoothy

Most of the subjects I write about come as a result of me ranting away to my wife about the so-called democratic process in North America. As a member of the clergy, I find myself leagues more political than my contemporaries. It’s whispered “That JG is a radical!” because I find myself not afraid to alienate myself (ultimately not my goal) from those who believe that Christianity needs to be separate from any form of politics. The separation of church and state is really what they are adhering to. Although they would acquiesce some sort of shape of ‘Godarchy,’ especially amongst their Christian crowd, they seem to want to stay leagues away from linking their Christianity to the political process.

As Christians, we dip our toes into the forbidden Christian — slash — political arena occasionally when we maybe show up at Pro-life rally and if we have any guts uncomfortably hold a poster board. But isn’t this really a form of damage control that may have been avoided if Christians would have been involved in politics?

Objections Why

When asking those in the ecclesiastical setting as to why they live out the adage separation of church and state a few common objections dribble out onto the dance floor:

  1. Politician “_____________” is only using their Christian affiliation in order to attract votes from Christians.
  2. So-called Christian politicians declaring to be Christian are really hypocritical in their life styles, for the most part casting a dark shadow on those truly serving Christ.
  3. We shouldn’t ever force our Christianity on the major public, as it would be forced religiosity and not genuine anyways.

I want to declare; there can be a case made for all of the three objections listed above:

  1. Obama is a great example of someone who parasitically attached
    himself to The Church in order to gather votes from John Q Christian
    while showing throughout his administration that he does not adhere
    to anything truly Christian altogether.
  2. Rev. Jesse Jackson (light on the Reverend), has continually shown
    that the prefix before his legal name holds less than enough water to
    influence him to stand for Pro Life, hold to the biblical definition of
    marriage and discontinue the “race-baiting” with yet another fake
    Reverend, Al Sharpton.
  3. Some German cities during the time of the Reformation instituted a sort of ‘Godarchy’ in which Christian rules broken were punishable by law; some even instituted capital punishment for heresy. Would not the medieval town of Munster be the ultimate example of Christian law gone awry (look it up)?

When considering the first objection, there are two things to keep in mind,

  1. There will always be snakes that slip through the cracks.
  2. There were heavy, HEAVY warning signs about the flakey theology of Barak Obama. Just because you are standing in line at Taco Bell, doesn’t make you a Chimichanga! So too, going to church does not necessarily make you a Christian.

Objection two goes along the same lines as objection one, except wolves like Jackson and Sharpton live their rebellion to God openly and although sporting a “Rev” prefix before their names, left Christian Orthodoxy ages ago (if ever really even adhering to it at all). There is no pretending with these guys.

I truly understand objection three above, if Christian values are forced onto the major public and there be judicial penalties heaped upon those who do not obey, would anyone’s relationship with Jesus Christ be authentic? Wouldn’t people start to privately loathe Christianity? Fortunately, instituting well thought out Christian themed laws are really nothing to do with forcing personal salvation on the masses but of making the landscape open enough for those who choose to serve Jesus, free enough to do so uninhibited.

Laws Good For The Community

Even by reason, the standards that Christians hope to see implemented and solidified as “The Laws of The Land” are the best options for Johnny America, even if a person identifies as an Atheist.

As Christians hoping to see biblical values turn into federal laws, we recognize that things like Heterosexual Marriages benefit community whether you believe in same sex marriage or just heterosexual unions.

Protecting the unborn at any stage of development is healthy for a community as it encourages responsible ethics even for those who delve into sexual relations before marriage (taking responsibility for their actions) and also encourages valuing each and every individual to live on this dirtball.

We see that the rejection of such political ideas like Islam, are in essence protecting the sovereignty of our country. In essence, believe what you want about the Bible, but these biblical laws are just plain healthy for any nation!

Semi-Political Christians

Let’s be honest. To our shame, the things that usually spur us Christians to be semi-political are things that affect our immediate pocketbook. Although they do affect us dramatically, unless Christians see an instant tangible effect on themselves, they are apathetic towards the cause of voting in a moral governing body.

One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard (repeatedly) was that God will have in office who he desires as He places the rulers (Romans 13:1). Dear Christian, how do you think He accomplishes such things as placing a ruler? Of course He does this through praying Christians who will answer the call to be His hands and feet (1 Corinthians 12:27). This, my friend, means that you are responsible to be active in the political scene.

Think of how negligent it is to be responsible for not looking into who is looking to act as an elected official in your town, area or country. Every time you witness some pagan, Marxist, buffoon elected into office (like our good friend Barry), you can bet on three things:

  1. Christians took voting apathetically
  2. Christians did not know where candidates stood on the major issues
  3. Christians believed that no matter which candidate was elected, that they would not be effected personally or intimately by their leading


Yes Brothers and Sisters, you may be as guilty for bad government as the little devil who sits behind the oval office desk himself!

And isn’t that just how Obama won his voters? He went to the churches and falsely identified with Christians who were too lazy to look into candidate Barak Obama.

For goodness sake people, wake up!

He was campaigning for a party that has always prided itself in its moral liberality! Why would you even consider voting Democratic in the first place? Isn’t the greatest irony in the name Democratic itself when considering how Barak and the Dems have turned the political landscape in to a socialistic nightmare?

Democratic my “donkey”!

This article was originally posted at BarbWire.com