MORE Taxes for Chicago… But It Is Still Not Enough


Written by David E. Smith

Earlier this week, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his minions in the Chicago City Council passed a massive tax hike that will COST most city homeowners $600-$800 MORE in taxes (maybe more) so that the Left’s BIG GOVERNMENT can continue to inefficiently flounder under one Party rule.  This tax increase is on top of the Cook County 1 percent sales tax hike that starts on Jan. 1, 2016.

Yes, I intended to say “flounder.” Moody’s Investors Service responded to this announced tax increase by asserting that it is not enough to fill the overspending budget hole created by decades of feckless political (mis)management.  So this “crisis” scenario will inevitably come up again in the future.

Yet, the Chicago City Council’s perceived financial “needs” require that Chicago taxpayer surrender precious resources to feed the insatiable appetite of big government.  Evidently, working families can get by with less funds, Chicago bureaucrats cannot (or will not).

In the meantime, the Chicago Park District is going to lease almost 5 acres of land to the George Lucas Museum for a mere $10 for 99 years.  Yes, a grand total of $10 for a term of 99 years.  That is less than $1 a decade.

Are Chicago-area taxpayers paying attention?  They sure are going to be paying more taxes over the next few years.  And just wait, when the “crisis” returns in the future, do you think the mayor and the aldermen will decide at that time to cut the size of government or again mandate taxpayers to hand over more of their hard-earned resources?  I bet you know the answer.  But what makes this situation worse, is this is a glimpse of things to come for taxpayers throughout the state of Illinois.

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