Climate Change and Leftist Hypocrisy


Written by Bruce Walker

Nothing exposes the cynical hypocrisy of the left more than its jihadist attitude toward the dubious theory of man-made global warming.  The phoniness and selfishness of the left show up in several different ways.

The left pronounces manmade global warming “settled science” but then insists that we continue to spend billions of dollars in climate change research.  If it is truly settled science, then we need to spend no more money at all on research, and if this supposed dire threat requires immediate action by governments, then even research on the best way to contain climate change is unnecessary.

Scientific research has value when there are “schools of thought” in science.  If some scientists doubt climate change and others believe that climate change is global cooling and others think that any climate change is natural and not man-made – and if there are others who believe in man-made global warming – then there is a purpose and a value to research.

What climate change research really means is the heavy-handed use of taxpayer-funded leftist totalitarianism in the institutional bureaucracies of academia, whose sole purpose is to propagandize the gullible with specious reasoning, with the heavy stamp of “Official Science.”

The left professes to love progress, but climate change itself is progress.  Changing climate throughout history gradually reduces the value of land owned by those who live in the most desirable areas and gradually increases the value of land owned by those who live in less desirable areas.  Regardless of whether the world is getting warmer or getting colder, climate change redistributes wealth.

Keeping nature exactly as it is reflects the hidebound mindset of an ultra-reactionary, which is to say of a modern leftist.  These are the same dull, plump nabobs who despise free enterprise precisely because that process is constant and unmanaged revolution when the left wants nothing really ever to change at all.

That means, of course, that these privileged clerics of leftists never see smaller government or more freedom as the solution to environmental problems, and so even if next year new scientific evidence suggested that the planet is cooling, not warming, the same leftists who today lecture that free enterprise is heating the planet would then, undoubtedly, find that free enterprise was cooling the planet.

Leftist hypocrisy regarding climate change can also be seen in its attitude toward actual environmental changes.  Venice is sinking into the Adriatic, but no leftist is calling for lowering the Adriatic or raising Venice.  This is too real a crisis for the unserious left.

If the sinking of Venice seems too “trivial,” then consider a dramatic and pending ecological apocalypse.  The West Coast of America will collapse into the Pacific Ocean, and the earthquakes that plague it today are a very real symptom of the grinding plate tectonics that will someday produce huge tsunamis and drastic climatic changes.

Shouldn’t we be evacuating the West Coast and sending Californians to Quonset huts in Kansas and Arkansas until further resettlement can be done?  Shouldn’t we stop all construction along the West Coast and begin, instead, the deconstruction of those cities with all their steel and concrete and people?  Sure, if the left actually cared about pending ecological catastrophes.

(As far as that goes, if leftists really believed that global warming is real and the low-level areas like Rhode Island and Delaware will be under water in a few decades, shouldn’t the left be shipping those in the densely populated Northeast to parts of Flyover Country that face population losses as perfectly good homes in rural Oklahoma or Nebraska are left to decay?  If the Potomac River is going to rise, and sea levels rise, and put our nation’s capital under water, should not the left be frantically trying to move our nation’s federal district to Little Rock or Davenport?)

Don’t wait for leftists to tell us that we need no more money for climate research (that is how they pay their pseudo-scientific toadies).  Don’t wait for leftists to address real ecological issues like Venice or the San Andreas Fault (those are far too real problems).  Don’t wait for leftists to depopulate their rich old centers of wealth and power on the coasts (that would actually cost the left power and wealth!).

Everything the left does is to hold forever its power, position, and wealth.  The only “science” allowed is science that helps that unsavory greed.  Leftist hypocrisy on climate change, like everything else, is utterly, absolutely corrupting.


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