How the Sleazy MSM Manipulates GOP Contenders


Written by Lloyd Marcus

Mary and I just returned home to Florida after visiting family and old friends in South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. Dinner conversations took the term “low-info-voter” to an entirely new level. While a few friends and relatives were politically well informed, the majority were shockingly clueless.

Our family and friends are well aware that my wife Mary and I are political activists and members of the Tea Party. When asked who they should vote for president, I recommended Ted Cruz, of whom they never heard. Someone said, “Isn’t there a black doctor running?” They know Trump from his TV shows. They know a woman and a Bush are running. That was the extent of my family and friends knowledge of the GOP primary. They knew nothing about the Iran Nuke Deal or the Planned Parenthood scandal.

Mary overheard a black relative speaking on the phone about Obama. The relative said, “They won’t give that poor man a chance to do anything.” I thought, “Oh, like giving Iran, which chants “death to America”, a nuclear weapon and $150 billion to fund terrorism.” I have learned not to waste time trying to educate Obama zombies who are stuck on racial loyalty and stupidity.

After visiting and chatting with my extended family and friends, I came to realize that they were either ill-informed or uninformed regarding numerous political hot topics. Meanwhile, the MSM claims that the public is furious that Trump did not defend Obama over a comment made by someone in the audience at an event. The MSM also alleges national outrage over Dr. Carson hanging tough, refusing to apologize for his non-PC comment about Muslims. The MSM is scamming you folks. A majority of Americans are unaware of both incidents and could frankly care less.

This is why GOP presidential contenders must stop taking the bait and apologizing every time the MSM lays a trap while demanding an apology. Still seeking an approving pat on the head from the MSM, a few GOP presidential contenders ran to microphones to criticize Trump and Dr. Carson. Any GOP contender who sides with the anti-God and anti-America MSM against one of our contenders is on my no vote list.

Folks, I was so incensed, I wanted to rip out my car radio upon hearing Democrat operative disguised as a journalist George Stephanopoulos arrogantly insisting that Trump answer his gotcha questions; is Obama an American and whether or not Trump thinks Obama is a Muslim. Considering that Obama has only a year left in office, what difference does it make? I would have loved to hear Trump say, “Why are you asking me such stupid questions? Planned Parenthood is black marketing dead baby body parts. Why are you complicit in hiding this horrific evil scandal from the public?”

It should be yelled from the rooftops. “Planned Parenthood is black marketing dead baby body parts! Planned Parenthood is black marketing dead baby body parts!” Meanwhile, this jerk is asking Trump irrelevant questions to further his Democrat homey’s narrative that Republicans are racist and mean. Stephanopoulos and his ilk are disgusting.

GOP presidential contenders need to wake up and realize they are not going to get a fair shot from the MSM. Nor will the MSM tell the American people (voters) the truth about any issue.

With the exception of Ted Cruz, the bulk of the GOP presidential contenders are still pandering to the MSM and focused on beating up on Trump. If these candidates truly want to be noticed, start telling clueless voters how Obama is taking our country to hell in a handbasket, why Hillary would be even worse and how they will fix it.

GOP presidential contenders who sound the alarm about Obama’s agenda and reject PC infuriates the MSM. Democrat talking heads and their MSM operatives immediately attempt to stop the bleeding. They apply extreme pressure to the GOP candidate; claiming the public is outraged and that only an apology will give the candidate any hope of winning. Ponder this. Why would the Left offer a GOP contender helpful advice?

Playing nice with the MSM and not attacking Obama’s record is not going to get it done in our current political environment. Two great governors dropped out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination, Rick Perry and Scott Walker.

Gov. Scott Walker went from the front runner to dropping out of the race. He was by far the most successful and accomplished governor in the race. However, Walker’s powerful conservative record did not seem to matter to voters. Patriots campaigned, funded, and voted for conservatives with little or no results. There is a sense of desperation and urgency in the air. Americans instinctively know we are losing our country, despite the MSM’s spin. Voters are favoring “outsiders” in hope that they will keep their word and deliver real change.

The American people are fed up with PC, liars, and betrayers. However, I am not convinced that electing a novice is the way to go. That big seat in the Oval Office can get pretty hot. Only a candidate with core beliefs, traditional values and the courage of their conviction will be able to stand against relentless and unimaginable pressure to compromise.

The statesman who stands head and shoulders above the field of GOP contenders in terms of proven political backbone, record of being on the right side of issues, strong in wisdom, faith and most of all, character is Sen. Ted Cruz.

Like President Ronald Reagan, Cruz does not seek MSM approval. Sidestepping their evil web of deceit, Cruz takes his unifying, inspiring and uplifting message of a renewed America directly to the American people.


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