The SPLC Goes After Dr. Ben Carson


Written by David E. Smith

In October 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) put Dr. Benjamin Carson on its “Extremist Watch List.” Why?  Because the good Christian doctor holds to a traditional and orthodox view of marriage: one man and one woman.

Who else is on this “Extremist Watch List“?  Neo-Nazis, KKK members and skinheads.

This is beyond outrageous, and clearly demonstrates how out-of-touch this far left organization has become.  If they were willing to label, slander and malign Dr. Carson just because he holds to the true definition of marriage, it will not be long before they start defaming and smearing pastor, priests and rabbis.

However, after being exposed by Bill O’Reilly on his Fox News Channel program this week (video here), and receiving “intense criticism” from the public,  the far left-wing SPLC decided to reverse their decision and issue an apology (of sorts) to Dr. Carson.

If this doesn’t completely discredit the radical SPLC, I don’t know what would.