Leslie Munger Attends Radical LGBTQ Fundraiser


Written by Illinois Review.com

State Comptroller Leslie Munger was the only statewide officer and only Republican elected official that attended Equality Illinois’ annual fundraiser gala Saturday night, a report on Windy City Times says.

Munger was appointed by Governor Bruce Rauner to succeed the late Judy Baar Topinka, who was recognized at the dinner for her support over the years for the gay rights agenda. Arthur Johnston, Equality Now’s co-founder spoke about how three political celebrities that died in 2014 helped Illinois’ gay movement.

[Johnson] discussed how, under Byrne’s watch, police raids on gay bars ceased and official city recognition of the Pride Parade began. He also spoke of how Mulligan, who was seriously ill, drove to Springfield to cast a deciding vote on civil unions in Illinois. Lastly, he shared a story about Topinka’s shock when an embarrassed friend didn’t want to be seen at a gay event, a moment that fortified Topinka’s public advocacy for LGBT issues.

“Please remember these remarkable women, who stood with us, and for us, when it was much, much harder to do so,” Johnston said.

Windy City Times reports Equality Now CEO Bernard Cherkasov tipped his hand about the movement’s legislative agenda in the upcoming session – banning conversion therapies.

“Equal marriage laws are great, but they don’t help young people who are struggling with coming out from being bullied and having no one to turn to,” he said. “Our coalition worked and passed a stronger anti-bullying law, because no one should be scared to go to school. We built a network of over a thousand clergy members in every part of Illinois, and helping them create safe spaces for struggling young people. This year, we’re going to pass Rep. Kelly Cassidy’s bill that bans and protects minors from conversion therapies. Young people need to know that they are born perfect and we will love them unconditionally for who they are.”

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