Laws Control Everything in Life?


Written by Michael Medved

A teenaged YouTube star asked the president a question that stumped him.

“I never really followed politics that much” said Bethany Mota. “Why should the younger generation be interested in politics, and why should it matter to them?”

After brief stammers and stalls, Obama offered this: “The reason we even have colleges is that at some point there were politicians who said, ‘y’know what? We should start colleges.’” Never mind that it was religious leaders who started the most prestigious colleges in America—Yale, Harvard and Princeton—not politicians. The president then offered an even more alarming sentiment: “And so there’s no decision in our lives, basically, that isn’t touched in some way by the laws that we have.”

No decision … really? Every moment regulated by government? The president sounded like an aspirational totalitarian, not a democratic leader with Constitutional limitations. In YouTube’s silly “meeting of the minds” the internet personalities showed extreme ignorance but Obama exposed what could best be described as limitless arrogance.

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