Gruber Apology “Lacking and Late,” Says Healthcare Analyst

Health Care Reform

Written by Chris Woodward

A health policy analyst predicts that Americans will find an ObamaCare adviser’s apology lacking.

M.I.T. professor Jonathan Gruber appeared Tuesday before a U.S. House committee, saying he was sorry for videotaped comments he made about the “stupidity of American voters” and lack of transparency in ObamaCare.

“At this point, that’s the only good tactic for him to take is to humble himself and sort of apologize,” says Hadley Heath Manning, director of Health Policy at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Manning notes that some who questioned Gruber pointed out that he did not make a one-time comment but rather made a series of comments at a series of events over time. She observes that Gruber, on multiple occasions, talked about the “stupidity” of the American voter while discussing ObamaCare and the politics of healthcare reform.

“So, yes, I think a lot of people will find his comments insulting and find his apologies lacking and late,” she tells OneNewsNow.

Democratic leaders bragged about Gruber (see video below) and his supposed expertise but tried to distance themselves from them when his comments went viral on the Internet.

Gruber also claimed Tuesday that he was not the “architect” of Obamacare, as many news outlets and pundits have described, even though he has described – if not bragged – about working closely with the Obama administration.

On that note, Manning wonders what Gruber would have said if you asked him that six months or a year ago.

“If those videos of him calling voters stupid and saying other offensive things hadn’t surfaced,” she says, “then I wonder if he would be more willing to take ownership of his role in creating and writing and getting Obamacare passed.”

At the hearing Tuesday, Gruber refused to discuss ObamaCare policy (see video below) with U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and instead stuck to talking points that he was sorry for the comments he made.


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