Why I.D. for Travel or Guns, But Not for Voting?


Written by Michael Medved

If it’s somehow racist and discriminatory to require identification as a condition for voting, then how is it any less discriminatory to impose similar conditions for air travel, mortgages, receiving or cashing government checks, or purchasing guns?

Voting is a crucial right—but so is the ability to purchase property or to keep and bear arms. The Democratic claim that black people don’t have equal access to identification is obviously false: black voting participation in crucial states actually went up after new rules requiring ID as a condition of voting.

The Democratic attacks on the GOP for “voter suppression” are merely another example of perpetuating a narrative of victimization, in order to keep black voters frightened and dependent. Obviously, the best way to move those without identification into the mainstream of politics and the economy is to provide them with ID, not to pretend that they can function just as well without it.

This article was originally posted on the MichaelMedved.com website.