“War on Women” Flops with Both Genders


Written by Michael Medved

New polling shows that the “War on Women” theme with which Democrats hope to rally their female base seems to be flopping across the country.

In the crucial U.S. Senate race in Arkansas, women voters give GOP Senate challenger Tom Cotton a solid edge, joining their husbands and brothers and sons in rejecting the Obama agenda. In Colorado, where U.S. Senator Mark Udall has emphasized women’s issues so heavily that some reporters call him “Mark Uterus,” males and females give an identical and decisive edge to his Republican opponent, Corey Gardner.

Most females are too smart to buy a narrative that suggests that the men who share their lives actually want to make war against them. Democrats never even try to explain how Republican males could possibly gain by warring against women whose success and happiness are inseparable from our own.

This article was originally posted on the MichaelMedved.com website.