Roll Up Your Sleeves for Heidi!

Heidi Holan

Written by David E. Smith

The Illinois General Election is just over eight weeks away, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves to help elect great pro-family lawmakers to represent our values in Springfield.

To that end, I am personally asking you to volunteer some time to support the campaign of Heidi Holan who is running for state representative in your district against a pro-abortion, big government incumbent.

Heidi has been a strong voice for our values, working hard to protect parental rights’ policies throughout the state and nation. Illinois risks moral and financial collapse unless we change the status quo and elect candidates of high moral and ethical standards to public office. I am certain that Heidi will be a strong voice for our values in Springfield, but it won’t happen without your help!

And let’s not forget that last year her opponent, State Representative Deborah Conroy, voted to legalize same-sex “marriage” – forcing a radical redefinition of marriage on all the people of Illinois.  Ignoring the pleas of her constituents, Conroy caved in to the LGBTQ lobby and voted with Democrat Speaker Michael Madigan to redefine marriage. Two men can now marry and adopt children because of her help and innocent children in schools will now be taught that homosexuality is normal and that when they grow up, they can marry a man or a woman.

State Representative Conroy also voted for a terrible comprehensive sex-education bill that was supported by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.  Public school that teach sex education are now mandated to teach “comprehensive” sex education, i.e., condom training, in grades 6-12.  This law will encourage students to engage in risky behavior.  

Children’s natural modesty and innocence are being stripped away with the help of Deb Conroy and Planned Parenthood. And Planned Parenthood IS the nation’s largest abortion clinic provider. What’s the connection?  Former abortion clinic director, Carol Everett, connects the dots.

“How do you sell an abortion? In the U.S. it’s very simple: You do it through sex education.”

Everett ran four abortion clinics in Texas from 1977-1983, where an estimated 35,000 unborn children were aborted before her dramatic conversion and departure from the industry.

Take ACTION: For the future of your children and grandchildren, I am asking you to please dedicate a few hours of your time over the next several weeks to help stop the downward spiral of the state.  If you are able to volunteer, PLEASE do so!

No matter how little or much of your time you’re able to donate, there’s an opportunity for you! Please call David Norck at (630) 390-6511 to learn more.

If you are not able to volunteer your time, but can give a donation to Heidi’s campaign, please send it to:

Citizens for Heidi Holan
P.O. Box 88324
Carol Stream, Illinois  60188

For the good of Illinois and the future of our children, I thank you!