Dems, GOP Split On Handling Money

Pile Of Money

Written by Michael Medved

A recent report on campaign fundraising reveals an important distinction between the two major parties when it comes to handling money. In the last nineteen months, the Democratic National Committee raised a bit more than the Republican National Committee—$ 61 million, compared to $60 million for the GOP.

At the same time that they raise more money, the Democrats spend a lot more—so they have less cash on hand than the GOP, by a whopping margin of 4 million dollars. Moreover, the Democrats started the year more than $15 million in debt, and still owe another two million dollars, while Republicans are fortunately debt free. Yes, both parties succeed at raising cash, but one of them spends more irresponsibly and only one—the Republicans—manages to stay out of debt.

With elections approaching, voters should understand some profound partisan differences in approaches to spending, borrowing, and balancing books.