For the President and His IRS: A Parson’s Prayer


Written by Pastor John Kirkwood

“Please explain in detail the activities at these prayer meetings. Also, please provide the percentage of time your organization spends on prayer groups as compared with the other activities of the organization.” – Internal Revenue Service

How often do your members pray? What is the nature of your prayers? The IRS posed these and other questions to certain tea party and religious groups who were seeking tax-exempt status. After the delays, the intimidation and the Stasi-like interrogation; many of the organizations just gave up.

I haven’t been able to sleep since I heard this testimony because I’m not sure that the IRS ever got an answer. How heartbreaking it is to think that the solid citizens over at the Internal Revenue have not had the opportunity to scrutinize a good Christian prayer.

Dear Mr. President and to Whom It May Concern at the Internal Revenue Service:

Unlike the Muslim standard of prayer (five times a day) that you are probably more familiar with, Christians are encouraged to “pray without ceasing” – that pretty much means all the time.

At meals, at funerals, before tests, at graduations, at football games; Christians are prone to pray behind the wheel, at the side of the bed, when Kate Upton comes on TV, when our children aren’t home yet and when our government becomes a more dreaded enemy than the Islamo-fascists who seek to destroy Western Civilization. As a matter of fact, Scripture even encourages us to pray for our enemies and political leaders. Was that redundant? So here goes:

“Dear Heavenly Father, we humbly come before you today and bow the knee in gratitude to your forbearance of a nation that has forsaken you. We implore your forgiveness for our hardened heart, for the love of many has waxed cold.

We pray for those who are in positions of influence, Father, that they turn away from “the Prince of this world” and repent of their evil ways. With a penitent heart may they seek your forgiveness and follow your wisdom.

May America experience another Great Awakening and once again become that nation that best reflects the Glory of your divine institutions.
Father, May the light of your love, expressed in the person and work of your son, soften their hardened hearts and may they seek your so great salvation, trusting in the shed blood of the lamb.

May they be more desirous that their name is found in the Lamb’s book than in the history book and may this once great nation be restored to that place of hope, which the whole world has looked to as a beacon of liberty and prosperity.

Father, raise up a new generation of American heroes who will not be bought by mammon or sold for security. Arm them with a fiery righteousness that does not cower in the fetal position when culture bids them “Kiss the ring!”

May they stand for sexual purity, and cleave unto righteousness. May they reject sexual anarchy and abhor that which is evil. May this brave generation speak in behalf of the unborn and the silent American Holocaust.

Let brave, sacrificial souls stand in contrast to authoritarian power lust and the legal plunder of the tyrannical ruling class. May the joyful Christian warrior retreat no more but boldly enter the battle that rages against the family.

Father, rouse those foolish, dim souls who swear an oath of fealty on your Word only to trample the very documents they avow to uphold. Trouble their sleep so that their emaciated conscience cries out in their night terrors, for better is it to lose a night of slumber than to have one’s cursed soul cast into outer darkness.

But if their hearts remain in the spirit of Pharaoh, then may the blood of 50 million of your children that cry out for vengeance be the answering flood. If they will not taste of the promise of life and life abundant then let them taste of the promise of the millstone and the gnashing of teeth.

Father, it is our most sincere prayer that the God who met Saul of Tarsus on the Damascus Road call out again to those kicking against the goads in America. Be unto them that transforming light of truth that draws them to part with their prior error and to consider it dung. May your peace envelop the rebel heart and forevermore change the destiny of those who take your hand.

But if your voice is spurned and your love unrequited then may your promise to the wicked be sure and swift. May the righteous who are persecuted for righteousness sake be avenged and may the world know that the God who is love is a God that is just, and His wrath is both real and dread.

If these who publicly profess your name in word only to profane it in conduct, will not take your open hand Lord, then let them hear your hallowed voice – “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of iniquity.”

Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honor, and power, and might, be unto He who sits upon the throne and unto the Lamb forever and ever. We ask this in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


You see, Mr. President, you can cover the name of Christ when you speak at Georgetown, you can tell the world that we are no longer a Christian nation, you can even instruct your nameless, faceless and godless cronies to threaten soldiers who share their faith and chaplains who pray “in Jesus name,” but you will never stifle true believers from letting their light shine.

Stoke the furnaces, Mr. President, if you must and yet still will we pray that the one true God has mercy on your soul.

This article was originally posted at the ClashDaily blog.