Despite Promises, GOP Leader Appoints Pro-LGBTQ Sullivan to House Leadership

Sullivan Office

Protesters gather in front of Sullivan’s office late last year
to protest his support of marriage redefinition.

Written by David E. Smith

Despite promises to conservative members of the Illinois House Republican Caucus, Minority Leader Jim Durkin on Monday selected state Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R-Mundelein) to the Illinois House Republican Leadership Team. Representative Sullivan will take the spot left vacant by JoAnn Osmond who recently retired.

“Ed Sullivan has done a great job as one of our floor leaders and is always eager to help members of our caucus,” said Durkin. “He has been willing to travel across the state to show support for other members and is often called upon for his advice.”

The leadership team is responsible for developing an agenda for the caucus; working through controversial issues and guiding other members.

Sullivan was one of three weak-kneed Republicans in the Illinois House who voted to pass marriage redefinition to include same-sex couples.

Establishment Republicans in Illinois continue to work to push the GOP so-called “big-tent” to the left as fast as they can, cutting off relationships with those on the right.  It seems they are doing all they can to alienate their base, and continue to be an irrelevant political entity in the Land of Leaving.