Get in the Game!


Written by William G. Parrot


… with the greatest healthcare system on the planet virtually destroyed by federally-mandated socialized medicine?

… with America’s feckless foreign policy, squandering blood-soaked accomplishments in the Middle East and a porous border totally void of any enforcement?

… with the wanton slaughter of four American patriots in Benghazi trivialized by the most incompetent, corrupt administration in our history?

… with the IRS treachery against law-abiding U.S. citizens devastating constitutionally protected liberties?

… with the unconscionable  ineptitude, despicable fraud at VA hospitals leading to the deaths of military veterans?

… with the systematic, deliberate dismantling of America’s armed forces in a world still threatened by terrorism and violent ideologies?

… with the irrational  release of five vicious killers from Guantanamo in exchange for an admitted military deserter?

… with abject disregard for a jobless economy paralyzed  by an obscenely-obese federal leviathan capable only of destructive regulation?

Without question an overwhelming majority of Americans do NOT want this great nation “fundamentally transformed” at the hands of the community organizer.

Most certainly, it’s well past time for ALL of us to pry ourselves away from our sixty-inch, 300-channel flat screens to get in the game.