Rauner & Homosexual Activists Donate To GOP Traitor Tom Cross

From the IllinoisReview.com blog:

Just as the year end campaign fund drive closed for 2013, Illinois GOP gubernatorial primary candidate Bruce Rauner and his wife Diana each maxed out in the GOP treasurer’s primary race by writing $5300 checks to former House Minority Leader State Rep. Tom Cross (Plainfield).

Cross is successfully pulling in campaign contributions from persons and organizations he’s worked with over the years he headed Illinois’ House Republican Caucus. According to Illinois State Board of Election records, Cross’ GOP primary opponent, DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan, is struggling to gather the funds to set up tough primary competition.

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The Rauners’ $10,600 donation was joined by donations from other well-heeled Chicago influentials, including two from the billionaire Reyes Holdings’ family – Christopher and Jude – as well as $5300 from Chicago Cubs’ owner Laura Ricketts.

Ms. Ricketts, a renowned lesbian, is active in Chicago’s LGBTQ community. Her support of Cross is joined by Colorado gay rights philanthropist Tim Gill, who also wrote a check to Cross for $5300 on December 30.

Cross was one of three Republican House members that voted to legalize gay marriage in 2013. Although Cross told family lobbyists he would encourage the Republican caucus to hold to the Illinois GOP platform and encourage the GOP caucus to oppose gay marriage, his commitment dropped when he handed the caucus reins over to Minority Leader Jim Durkin. Without Cross’ and two other GOP votes, the House Democrats would not have been able to garner the votes needed for gay marriage legalization.

Cross’ support for abortion has earned him the endorsement of Illinois’ pro-abortion groups such as Personal Pac and Planned Parenthood.

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