Illinois Found to be One of the Worst Run States in the Nation

We don’t mean to brag, but a financial analysis done by the group 24/7 Wall Street finds that Illinois is NOT the worst run state in the nation. It found we’re the 3rd worst — and interestingly enough, the analysis also found we border the 3rd best run state in the nation.

Of course, ranking 48th out of 50 is nothing to brag about. State Rep. Bill Mitchell, a Republican from Forsythe, repeats many of the obvious problems the state faces. “Our welfare roles have grown. Our unemployment rates are sky high. Higher deficit, higher debt. It’s just chaos here.”

That’s why a new study ranks Illinois at the bottom of the barrel in terms of best run states. The Land of Lincoln comes in at number 48. “We really should be 50,” Mitchell says. “We’re a terribly run state. Everybody knows it.”

But the ranking is more than just a number in a list. It’s the effect of it all that Mitchell says really matters. “if you do business with the state of Illinois, you know you’re not getting paid on time. If you’re a school district you don’t know how to plan ahead because you don’t know if the state is gonna live up to its promises.”

And he says if something doesn’t change — Illinois will stay near the bottom. “You lurch from one crisis to another and things just aren’t getting any better. Year after year after year the General Assembly and the Governor’s office are under performing. If you are grading the General Assembly and the Governor’s office, you would give them a big ‘F.”

But not the worst grade. That belongs to California according to 24/7 Wall Street, followed by New Mexico and then Illinois. Higher poverty rates in those states are one main reason.

The best run state in North Dakota, which has been lifted in part by an energy boom. Iowa finished 3rd. You can read more at the link below.