Kirk Dillard: SB 10 Will “Denigrate Marriage”

Written by David E. Smith

State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) is a strong proponent of natural marriage.  IFA thanks Dillard for his very strong pro-marriage position and speech at the IFI Defend Marriage Lobby Day at the Capitol in October.  We need more pro-life, pro-marriage leaders like Senator Dillard — leaders who are not afraid of speaking plainly and boldly in defense of families, common sense and traditional values.

This is what he had to say to a crowd of close to 4,000 people:

My Dear Friends,

Welcome to your state capitol. Thanks for making the long drive. I believe more people are here today than have signed up for ObamaCare nationwide!

I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to speak to this amazing crowd this morning about marriage, and why, I, as governor of this state, will veto the bill that attempts to legalize same sex marriage. In fact, if I were Governor many things would be different in Illinois.

I believe, as I am sure many of you believe, that government which governs best, governs least. Equally true, however, is the premise that government has a solemn duty to protect its most vulnerable citizens.

I want thank David Smith and the Illinois Institute for bringing us together today and a special thank you to the African American clergy who are protecting our religious liberties under heavy pressure to the contrary.  You are the backbone of our state and I am so proud to fight this battle with you.  I encourage all of you to take this experience back to your communities and churches and spread the word that marriage will NOT be undermined in Illinois.

We are here today because the State of Illinois has a vested interest in keeping the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.  Children deserve a mom and a dad.  Every citizen and every church and every religious organization deserves the right to practice their religious beliefs without fear of government persecution.  Business owners should be free to live their faith in the world without government repercussions.  This is why we are here.  This is why we stand together.

Senate Bill 10 is currently pending before the House of Representatives, and it would denigrate marriage as we know it in this state. The title of the bill is the “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act”. One would think, with such a title, that it would provide protection of religious belief.  That, my dear friends, is not true. Did you know that a panel of law professors from around the country– law professors who FAVOR gay marriage– analyzed this bill and determined that it violates the Free Exercise clause of the United States Constitution?   Less than three years ago, when the push was on to pass civil unions in Illinois, the lobbyists and activists all promised it would not affect religious organizations– tell that to Catholic Social Services, which was forced to close because its religious foundation was not protected when the law took effect.

We are here today in front of our state capitol where laws are enacted for all citizens, of all faiths, and races.  Defining marriage as between one man and one woman is not merely a matter of religious doctrine or moral law.  Marriage is the social institution that provides a proven structure for raising children into productive citizens.  Not every marriage has children– but every child has parents.  Children who are raised in homes with both a mother and a father are more likely to stay off of public assistance, stay out of jail, and to get an education.  To be successful in life, my two daughters need their mother every bit as much as they need me.  Mothers and fathers are not interchangeable.  If you think it is tough to be a Governor or legislator, try being a dad to a 12 and 10 year old daughter in today’s society!!