Called To “Fight”

Written by Bill Johnson, American Decency Association

The true Christian is called to be a soldier, and must behave as such from the day of his conversion to the day of his death. He is not meant to live a life of pious ease, indolence and security. [J.C. Ryle, Holiness]

Daily the grip of socialism is expanding – swallowing up liberty. Eating at your income, freedom of speech and religion, your sense of well-being.

There are those (perhaps you are one) who are fighting and being bloodied.  Some of these individuals are known.  Some are not known – yet will be known because the times will demand it. They will answer the call!

Examples abound.  Consider the following:

Ken Cuccinelli.  What a fight this man fought, yet lost through deception, corruption, the “wiles of the devil” – the piling on by the radical left, Clintonites, Obamazites, Alinsky types,  (Planned Parenthood, SEIU, the big unions, La Raza).  He was outspent 2-1 –  in his race for the governorship of the Commonwealth of Virginia. A liberal bankrolled a third party candidate and posed him as a libertarian (which even Ron Paul made clear the third party candidate was not)  to intentionally take votes from Cuccinelli.


Ken Cuccinelli – Despite being pro-life, a Constitutionalist, a genuine, family man,  against Obamacare and for smaller government and taxes,  Cuccinelli received no support from the GOP.  It’s not the first time:  think Michelle Bachmann.

A personal word to the Republican Party in its various forms: We are salivating to receive your fundraising call!   Suffice it to say NOT ONE PENNY.    Go right instead of left:  Support life instead of death, true marriage instead of perversion, freedom instead of Obamacare. Until then, our support will go directly to those who do stand for such principles.

We stand with and support those who oppose the fraudulence, corruption and socialism of Obamacare.

We stand with and support those who stand unashamedly for the sanctity of life.  including cases of rape, incest, molestation and,  the aging and aged.

We stand with and support those who uncompromisingly stand for Biblical (traditional marriage) – no matter what and who oppose those undermining marriage – whether its big labor, the GLBT, the homosexual lobby, Planned Parenthood, the Chamber of Commerce, the Republican Party, the U.S. Supreme Court.

We stand with those who recognize God as the Creator God that He IS.

We stand with freedom lovers, people who believe that God is watching over us and that He will bless those who honor Him and will curse those who curse Him.

Called to “fight”.

He must never imagine for a moment, that he can sleep and doze along the way to Heaven, like one traveling in an easy carriage. If he takes his standard of Christianity from the people of this world, he may be content with such vain notions — but he will find no countenance for them in the Word of God. If the Bible is the rule of his faith and practice, he will find his course laid down very plainly in this matter. He must “fight.”
[J.C. Ryle, Holiness]