One Step Forward Two (or More) Steps Back for Illinois Politics

Written by Laurie Higgins

The day after courageous Illinois Representatives fended off another assault on marriage, the IL GOP State Central Committee in a secretive, closed door session elected Jack Dorgan to replace Pat Brady to lead the party.

Dorgan, who was Mark Kirk’s pick (yikes), has long ties to Democrats, including eternal Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan. So much attention is paid to the corruption among Illinois Democrats that the corruption among Republicans slithers unnoticed.

Remember what led to Pat Brady being forced to resign? It was his behind-the-scenes efforts to legalize same-sex marriage. Well, here’s a quote from a news report about Dorgan’s election:

Dorgan would not specify Saturday if he backs gay marriage, only that he wants the Republican Party to be more of a “big tent” organization.

One wag wrote: “IL GOP finally gives up, picks Democrat as new Party Chair.”

Another wrote: “The Illinois GOP slogan for 2012 was ‘Fire Mike Madigan.’ Apparently the slogan for 2014 will be ‘Donate to Mike Madigan.’

Someone should pay for this ethical and strategic blunder, and let’s hope it’s not natural marriage supporters. Is it too soon to call for Dorgan to resign?

And then we must change the process by which people like Dorgan get elected to head the IL GOP.