African American Clergy Warn Gov. Quinn

Leaders of the African American Clergy Coalition (AACC) today are appealing to Governor Pat Quinn to refrain from offering pork projects to legislators in return for a “yes” vote on SB 10 — the homosexual “marriage” bill. This comes after unnamed legislators informed the AACC of legislative bribery tactics being used by staff members of Governor Quinn’s office to lobby legislators. Specifically according to one legislator, a bridge and an extension of an expressway was assured in exchange for a “yes” vote on SB 10.

“This particular vote on SB 10 is too important to many African Americans throughout the state of Illinois who want to protect and defend traditional marriage. We are the same African Americans who Governor Quinn leaned on heavily for his election victory in 2010. And we will be the same community that will now take a closer look at him in 2014.  Governor, we appeal to you to not interfere or compromise the integrity of the legislative process,” says Bishop Lance L. Davis, Co- Chairman of the African American Clergy Coalition.

Yesterday, the AACC responded to recent statements by the sponsor of same-sex marriage (SB10), State Representative Greg Harris (D-Chicago). The AACC viewed Harris’s claim of having already secured 60 votes for passage as both fraudulent and an attempt to mislead black legislators regarding the present support for this highly controversial measure. A measure in which has been clearly opposed by the vast majority of African American constituents in their districts.

On Tuesday, May 28th, Representative Harris stated that he picked up the vote of African American legislator, Lashawn Ford (D-Oak Park), to support same-sex marriage. However, Representative Ford has been considered a “yes” vote all along by every lobbyist dating back three months!

Representative Harris also failed to mention that according to a left-wing blog, one of the three Republicans supporting the bill has actually changed his position and will now vote ”no.” So instead of gaining a vote yesterday, Harris actually lost a vote for same-sex marriage.

Since December, legislators have been told by LGBT forces that there was tremendous momentum to pass this bill, but that has proven to be incorrect. For five weeks now, legislators were told that “we have the votes to pass the bill and we are calling it this week.” However that also has proven to be incorrect.

With just one day away from the end of the Legislative Session and Representative Harris still lacks the 60 votes necessary to pass SB 10. It is important that black legislators not be duped into thinking this bill is going to pass anyway. But it is very clear that it will not pass unless black legislators go against the wishes of the majority of their constituents, and support it.