What Does the Illinois GOP Stand For?

As a former executive, author and concerned citizen of Illinois I’m really starting to wonder what the Illinois Republican Party stands for. Do we want to become another Democratic Party; what core principals do we have that will lead this state in future years?

The Daily Herald’s top of the fold front page on March 10, 2013 says “High-ranking GOPers give Brady reprieve.” Is this leadership?  Is this why the Illinois GOP is the laughing stock of America? Their is an old saying that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

The following letter will be appearing in many newspapers throughout the state of Illinois in the next month:

Illinois GOP Chairman, Pat Brady, earlier this year spoke out in support of genderless marriage. Chairman Brady should have been aware prior to stating his emotional opinion that his comments were in direct conflict with the Republican Party’s stated platform.

Brady’s foray into the public square without any prior discussion with his Republican colleagues must be seen by all as poor judgment at best. His retort to this criticism is that he was speaking out as a private citizen. That would be like President Obama volunteering that he now supports gay marriage but please don’t anyone think that’s my public policy position as President. Would anyone make the distinction? Again poor judgment coming from the Republican leader in Illinois . If the Republican Party ever needed a strong unifying leader it is now not someone who is speaking off the cuff and on such a divisive issue where 31 out of 34 states where the people have actually voted say marriage is between one man and one woman. Thats 91% of the people.

If  anyone thinks this gay marriage issue is not on the minds of millions of citizens just ask your local representatives how many phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets and letters they are getting on this issue or count the letters coming into the Daily Herald’s Fence Post Section.

The voters are concerned and here is just one statistical fact to support that interest. Of the 47 Republican legislators nationwide who voted “yes” for gay marriage in 2009 only 21 are in office today. It is very difficult to fool nature, the essential character of a thing and that’s called a natural marriage; the core of every major civilization in history.

Finally a former Presidential candidate said “traditional marriage is not a bargaining chip or a political issue it is a moral issue. He said “I’m not involved in politics just to lower taxes and cut spending; I want to stay true to the basic premise of our civilization”.

Issues matter, character matters, standing up for the principals of our civilization matters. Maybe its time for new leadership within the Illinois Republican Party.


Larry O’Neill
Concerned Citizens of Illinois