Rep. Ron Sandack Flip-Flops on Marriage Redefinition

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State Rep Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) just joined the Republican House caucus a few weeks ago after serving a term in the Illinois Senate, and already he’s breaking from the IL GOP party platform and the GOP House caucus. Sandack is telling district voters he’s changed his mind and now supports legalizing same sex marriage.

Before the election, Sandack answered Illinois Family Institute’s questionnaire saying he opposed (“O” below) civil unions and supported (“S” below) a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman. From page 13 of IFI’s 2012 questionnaire report:

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Earlier this week, Sandack hinted he was changing his mind when he posted on his Facebook page a recent column written by former Governor and former Republican Jon Huntsman, stating that gay marriage lines up with true conservative values.

Those hoping to maintain the current definition of one-man, one-woman marriage voiced their disappointment with Rep. Sandack’s position. Illinois Family Institute’s Executive Director David E. Smith told Illinois Review, “He is wrong about the religious protections that are offered in SB 10. There are no protections for lay people of faith and for people of moral conscience.”

Sandack is sending out this reply to concerned constituents in his west suburban 81st District:


Editor’s Note:

Rep. Sandack is absolutely wrong about the religious protections that are offered in SB 10 — there are NO protections for lay people of faith and for people of moral conscience.

Moreover, Sandack’s opinion that marriage redefinition is a conservative value is laughable. This is a radical agenda being pushed by the extreme Left, and it will result in the elimination of the central defining feature of marriage: complementarity. With official government approval of their sexual proclivities, they will gain access to the hearts and minds of our young students in government schools. Children will be taught that traditional beliefs about what marriage is are hateful, bigoted and ignorant.

It is sad to see yet another Republican lawmaker abandon the vital platform plank on marriage & family and cave to the homosexual lobby.

Rep. Sandack’s district number is (630) 737-0504.  His email address is