GOP Committeewoman Indignant that Brady Remains

The following letter was sent to Kane County Chairwoman BarbWojnicki in response to Pat Brady’s work to promote the Democratic agenda to redefine marriage:

Dear Mr. Chairman,

I continue my indignation at the inability of Illinois Republican leadership to remove Pat Brady from office. Brady’s persistence in claiming that he was only speaking as a citizen is ridiculous. The Chairman unilaterally and flagrantly disregarded a plank of the Platform which is democratically determined as the values and positions we will uphold and represent as Republicans. He dictated to the rest of the membership what we are to believe.

It is unconscionable that the leadership did not take swift action and has allowed this situation to metastasize. The already weak Illinois Republican Party is being fractured. Why hasn’t someone called for a state wide vote by the membership if the “leadership” of the State Central Committee is so squeamish about doing what the majority of Republicans stand for. I am stunned at how far and fast we are moving away from the values and principles that made the GOP and our Nation great.

On the issue itself, only one Senate Republican stood in support of the “same-sex” marriage bill currently being debated and the majority of Republican representatives are not supporting it either since their constituents don’t. So exactly who does Pat Brady represent? I confidently assert that if a referendum on this bill was presented to the people of Illinois, it would be resoundingly defeated as it has been in every referendum by a 60%-80% margin across the country. Should it not, than at least the people will have decided the issue. And should you believe that this is merely a state issue, know that activists are monitoring events closely: .

I will continue what efforts I can to have Mr. Brady removed from office, I would hope you would do the same.


Julie Schmidt
Precinct Committeewoman
Precinct 25