Williamson County GOP Joins Calls for Pat Brady’s Resignation!

The Williamson County Republican Central Committee has unanimously voted on a resolution calling for Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady to resign. In a press release, the Central Committee wrote:

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady recently participated in a campaign urging Republican lawmakers to back legislation to legalize “same-sex marriage” in Illinois. Williamson County Central Committee Chairman Sue Hamilton said that while Brady claims to have acted as a private citizen – it is impossible to separate his personal views from his public position as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

As a result of Brady’s actions, the Williamson County Republican Central Committee debated and unanimously passed a motion on January 10, 2013 calling for him to resign.

The resolution reads as follows:

1. Pat Brady, having espoused views contrary to the Illinois Republican Party platform, is asked to resign.

2. If Mr. Brady does not resign within 30 days, we ask that the Illinois State Central Committee remove him from office.

3. This action is to be shared with all County Central Committees for their consideration and concurrence.

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