McLean County GOP Calls for Pat Brady’s Resignation

The McLean County Republican Central Committee met Monday, Jan 14th, at their Headquarters and voted unanimously among those present the following:

“The McLean County Republican Central Committee calls for the resignation of Pat Brady as the state Republican Party Chairman due to his promotion of issues contrary to the Republican Party platform.”

“Pat Brady has failed to lead the State Republican Party, and should step down as its leader. Brady has failed to follow the Illinois Republican Party platform along with the National Republican Party’s Platform.”

John W. Parrott, Jr., Chairman of the McLean County Republican Party, further called upon the State Central Committee (currently there are 19 members under the old map) to convene and vote to have Brady step down. Parrott favors installing an Interim Chairman (from the Current Committee) and then proceed with a search of a Candidate who embraces and will represent the Party’s Platform.

“Illinois has become a National embarrassment from the fiscal issues in the State Government to the leadership in Springfield. The Republicans are in the minority in both the Illinois House and Senate; we need new leadership, and we need it now. Pat Brady has been a failure, and I hope he leaves on his own, or the State Central Committee is successful in removing him as our Leader,” said Parrott.

“I have known Pat for a long time, and I have considered him a friend over the years. I supported him when he ran for National Committeemen and when he was asked to step in when McKenna stepped down from the Chairmanship, I was very supportive. “

“When he assumed the Chairmanship, I discussed with Pat that this was time for strong leadership within the Party, but sadly have not seen any evidence of positive change. Pat, it’s time to go.”